Facial Recognition and Verification

With high-quality cameras becoming ubiquitous in hand held devices such as smartphones ,tablets etc. Facial recognition and verification has gained renewed interest from research community. With state of the art Face detection and recognition algorithms, we are providing practical solutions for Cloud/Smartphone based SmartAuthentication using Computer vision and Deep learning techniques. The solution is fool-proof , user-friendly and extremely accurate to be used for real-life scenarios for small to medium size organizations.

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Object Detection and Recognition

Object detection and recognition is one of the most important problems of Computer vision. With idea of providing Automation to processes where manual labor is very costly and unfavourable, we provide efficient solutions for Object counting, Risk assessment , Fire safety evaluation, etc using our Deep learning based Object detection framework. Our cloud based solution provides informative visualization of objects specific to use cases and allows further content extraction. Details such as object location, count and size of objects are some of the predictions of our Algorithm.

OCR (Optical Character Recognition)

Optical character recognition is a classical Computer vision problem whose solutions have evolved over the years with better and robust algorithms to deal with real world scenarios. Riding on the Deep learning wave of state of the art algorithms in Image classification, OCR algorithms have emerged which are pushing the limits of recognition than ever before. Optical Character Recognition engine developed Anidra Labs combines state of the art Deep learning algorithms for Scene-text Detection and Recognition for Consumer solutions.

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We use our technology to create products that have a deep impact on the society. We use Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision to create those products.

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For Enterprises


Smart Attendance

Smart Phone Based Facial Recognition & Tracking Solution

SmartAttendance™ is an Identity-and-Fraud-Management solution. The platform powered by our CV and ML technology is robust enough to process Facial images captured by any low-cost photo-capturing device like smartphone, IP camera, etc and works even where point-of-capture is a remote place with no internet-connectivity. Besides facial image, the solution captures other relevant information like geo-location, time-stamp, etc and is currently used for tracking and monitoring more than 6000 on-the-field users (Sales & Service delivery managers) at their meeting venues with clients.

This brings payment disciplines and stronger governance in organizations by saving 10-15% cost on average from fund leakages due to corruption, as well as helping revenue growth by decreasing chances of no-show in field meetings. Our platform is also exposed via APIs for business-integration with external systems.

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For Forestry


Smart Count

Computer Vision Based Automated Wood Log Counting Solution In Forestry Industry

SmartCount™ is a cloud based platform solution with the capability to process all the images in real time that are captured by drones as-well-as smart phones, tablets etc for forestry companies at the point-of-sale of wood logs. This video analytics platform provides capability of wood log counting, quality and volumetric measurements of these wood logs only by processing images.

All the wood logs which are piled together and spread over miles are captured by the drones and is later pushed to our cloud server for processing and analysis. Our solution intends to eradicate the various wood log counting process delays at the point-of-sale which obstruct the business. Also, this manual log counting process is vulnerable to manual errors.

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For Insurance


Smart Identification

Computer Vision Based Automated Risk Profiling Solution In Insurance

SmartIdentification™ is a smart phone based risk analysis solution which uses computer vision algorithms to automates the entire risk profiling process using our visual analytics platform.

The challenge for insurance industries in Indian and LatAm market is to determine the insurance premium which is based on the risk profile of the property. The brokers or field-officers are sent to the property to audit and verify the estate and infrastructure. This becomes a significant expenditure to insurance companies in terms of the time and the cost spent by the officers to travel to these properties. Hence, our solution automates this process and enables Insurance company to scale their business by saving significant time and money spent in manual processes.


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Case Studies

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Case Study 1 Facial Recognition

A large Indian social enterprise organization needed to deliver vocational training programs in unorganized sector with 23 livelihood centers, 71 schools and more than 185 on-site training centers across 25 states, with more than 100000 trainees ! The logistical challenges were enormous.

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Case Study 2 Object Recognition

Our client, Headquartered in Santiago- Chile, is one of the prominent technology solution provider to small and mid-size forestry companies in Latam market. Our client company is a pioneer in bringing drones in Forestry sector of Latin America. Drones are used to capture images of wood logs.

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Case study 3 Object Detection

Our client, one of the biggest Insurance companies in India headquartered out of Mumbai, is in the business to provide insurance services to various assets like Buildings, Warehouses, Storage Areas, etc. In order to do so, they need their skilled surveyors to visit and examine the site.

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About US

Aindra Labs is one of the Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Start-ups in India creating Computer-Vision (CV) and Machine-Learning (ML) based products and incubated in Santiago, Start-up Chile, one of the World's top Accelerator for the most disruptive Global Start-ups. Aindra Labs specialises in processing images captured from real life scenarios with their Visual Analytics Platform.

Based out of Bangalore, India's Silicon Valley, we have been fascinated with the world of Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision. We believe we are at an inflection point in time, where a lot of converging factors allow for the creation of interesting products that solve interesting problems. Together with a smart team and some fantastic people guiding us, we aim to build a cool start-up, working on solving some high-impact problems with the help of deep technology. We believe now is the time to democratise access to solutions that require deep technology.

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